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We Will Not Steal Your Children, I Promise November 01, 2010

My Maid Marion by Jubal Algonquin
What ho! You are the Maid Marion of my days. Your knowing eyes render me in a daze Behold my love ...
November 28, 2010
Thanks by Ray
I want to say thank you. Oddly, this has nothing to do with the fact that it's almost Thanksgiving, here in America. It...
November 24, 2010
Scratched Diamond Melody by Ray
(note for my sister, or anyone else who doesn't like sex stuff: ...
November 23, 2010
Talk by Charlie Mine
November 22, 2010
Why Not by Ray
Talk to me. Taunt me, tease me, let's laugh about it together. Because you don't know me, but you know people like me, r...
November 22, 2010
Kick Ass by Charlie Mine
November 21, 2010 1 Comment
Wicked Game by Charlie Mine
Alone. Again. So tired. Can this really be all there is? The tequila is sharp, pungent. My throat constrict...
November 21, 2010 1 Comment
Outside by Charlie Mine
November 18, 2010
Dance by Charlie Mine
November 17, 2010
Update by Ray
I would like to start out by saying thank you to Charlie Mine. I appreciate the fact that you've been posting in my abse...
November 17, 2010 2 Comments
Men by Charlie Mine
November 15, 2010
Household Gods by Charlie Mine
November 13, 2010
Sundays With Keith by Ray
I'm going to start out by admitting that I'm partial to Keith on a personal level, so maybe my reviews of his "Sundays W...
November 07, 2010 2 Comments
Sanctuary Book Project by Ray
You guys know how every year around this time, I start talking about how I'm working on a book? Usually, it's right abou...
November 06, 2010
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: No Time For Apologies by Ray
No time for excuses, kids--I got shit to do. Here are your FOTM Qu...
November 03, 2010
Different Kind Of November by Ray
So it's November. In America, this traditionally means things like turkey and togetherness for Thanksgiving. This usuall...
November 02, 2010 1 Comment


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