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Where Blow-Up Dolls Are Friends AND Lovers October 01, 2010

Break by Ray
Still alive? Might as well be, what else do we have to do? Home. No matter what, it always will be. It's not where I...
October 31, 2010
Talk by Ray
October 28, 2010
Family Land (part 1 of 4) by Ray
October 25, 2010
Family Land (part 2 of 4) by Ray
October 25, 2010
Family Land (part 3 of 4) by Ray
October 25, 2010
Family Land (part 4 of 4) by Ray
If you didn't know the town, you wouldn't know there was anything to worry about, not at first. But I know it, and I...
October 25, 2010
Stupid Day by Ray
Crazy little fuck, crazy little fuck, what the hell was that? This is...I swear, this is why I hate kids. Little bastard...
October 21, 2010
Daddy's Little Girl (part 3 of 3) by Ray
This is the last part of a three-part story. You...
October 18, 2010 2 Comments
Daddy's Little Girl (part 2 of 3) by Ray
This is the second part of a three-part s...
October 18, 2010
Daddy's Little Girl (part 1 of 3) by Ray
October 18, 2010
My Hometown by Ray
The first thing you'll comment on is the name, so we'll get that out of the way right now: Canadian, Texas. Yeah, it's...
October 14, 2010 4 Comments
Messy Kitchen by Ray
Messy? Sure it is. You don't get into this business if you're scared of messy, though. Dangerous? More than a little. ...
October 12, 2010 1 Comment
First-Of-The-month Quotes: Facial Hair by Ray
Ah, First-Of-The-Month Quotes. The easiest part of the month--all I have to do is type in all the crap I've collected. A...
October 08, 2010 1 Comment
God's Twitter by Ray
Do you need to know? Should I tell you? How you ever gonna know me, it's not like we dance the same dances or feel the ...
October 03, 2010
Recovery by Ray
I used to wonder. I'd see things on the news, stories about gun control or gun safety, and I'd wonder. Accidental killi...
October 02, 2010 1 Comment
I Wrote This During Lunch by Ray
Hey kids, welcome to October. This is one of the few months that I enjoy, mostly because it means I get to go home and v...
October 01, 2010


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