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2 Girls, $65 September 01, 2004

Too Many Martinis... by Emily Kattan
1 Mai Tai 1 Sour Apple Martini 2 Sour Apple Martinis 3 Sour Apple Martinis 4 Sour Apple Martinis Sitting in the...
October 03, 2004
Stand up comedy by Carey
OK, here I go posting a rant in a drunken oblivion. Stand up comedy is the subject and the bone of contention. Just rent...
September 11, 2004
A New Drink (Portly Boy pt. 16) by Ray
“There’s a message on the machine.” That was my alcoholic friend Arnie, and he sounded kind of worri...
September 09, 2004
A Villian Busted...For Real, This Time (Portly Boy pt. 15) by Ray
At first, I didn’t understand the pain. It was like someone was shoving a gun barrel into my forehead, just abov...
September 09, 2004
Not Quite Busted (Portly Boy pt. 14) by Ray
At first, I didn’t understand the pain. It was like someone was shoving a gun barrel into my temple, just in fro...
September 09, 2004
A Villian Busted (Portly Boy pt. 13) by Ray
“Are you okay?” Did you ever notice that when somebody’s asking you if you’re okay, you genera...
September 09, 2004
A late goodbye by Ray
I'm out of it, man, I admit it. I got down to Texas, out of the mainstream, and without a constant internet connection ...
September 09, 2004
65/45 by Trey
"I'll be with you in a moment", the mindless voice announced. . . . "How can I help you? 45 for 1, 65 for 2. That'...
September 04, 2004


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