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Because Screaming For Help Is Never As Cool As Screaming For Fun March 01, 2010

Good Stuff by Trey
A few darker selections our readers might enjoy.<br/> (I'm not vouching for the videos. Only the music.)<br/> <object ...
March 31, 2010 1 Comment
Except This Time? by Ray
"You need to write the truth," he says. "Quit writing what you wish was the truth, and write the truth." So here it g...
March 31, 2010
Wait...Did I Just Say That? by Ray
Okay...so this is a long, winding, nonsense of a post, but there's lots of good stuff, so try to follow along, okay? Or ...
March 29, 2010 2 Comments
To Robert M. Graves by Ray
Dear Bobby, Hey, man, I got your postcard, and I just wanted to let you know. As soon as possible, because you really...
March 28, 2010
Book Review--As The World Dies: Siege by Ray
Before you read on, let's get one thing out of the way, shall we? I'm just some guy who sits around in his boxer shorts...
March 27, 2010
What by Ray
March 27, 2010
Late Pictures: Halloween, 2009 by Ray
There's an unspoken rule in my life that I'm not really allowed to use pictures of friends and family members on this we...
March 22, 2010 1 Comment
Transpor-Lounge! by Ray
So I'm sitting here at my desk, not doing anything, really. Looking at things on the internet, but not paying any attent...
March 21, 2010 3 Comments
Lost In Loss by Ray
"Alcohol isn't the answer," she says, giving me that look. Not quite disapproving, but almost, and mixed with sadness a...
March 17, 2010 1 Comment
Like Every Vowel Ever by Ray
March 16, 2010
Stink So Good by Ray
I started the day out by dumping a partial shot of Scotch down my face and chest. I ended it by dumping some sort or sce...
March 15, 2010
Daylight Savings Time Sucks by Ray
So you probably already know it, but here in America, we switched over to daylight savings time last night. As much as I...
March 14, 2010
Strangelands Posters by Ray
I've been seeing hastily-made posters up all over town lately, advertising stuff for SXSW, and since I was bored, I deci...
March 14, 2010
Kick Ass by Ray
I don't generally watch TV or go to movies. I don't watch TV because I think most of what's on it is panda-fuck stupid. ...
March 13, 2010
Burning Bridges by Ray
She says hello, and I almost scream. I didn't know there was anyone else around. There shouldn't be anyone else around....
March 11, 2010
Hey, Here Are Some Pictures. Look At Them. Or Don't. It's Really Up To You. by Ray
So this is a total punk move, but I can't think of anything good to write, so I decided to just show you some pictures. ...
March 10, 2010 2 Comments
Spread 'Em by Ray
I generally try to spread my content out around the internet, which isn't nearly as gross as it might seem at first. Wel...
March 09, 2010
A Night Above Heaven by Ray
"You know what the problem is? I mean, you know what the real problem is?" "Yes." "Fuck you, you don't know." She g...
March 08, 2010 1 Comment
Special Needs, Indeed by Ray
The other day, I saw a man in a wheelchair. He was morbidly obese, and he had no arms or legs. One thing I want to g...
March 08, 2010 1 Comment
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Unchecked by Ray
Usually when I write FOTM Quotes, I go through them all before I even start typing, just to see how many I have, what I ...
March 02, 2010 4 Comments
Texture? by Charlie Mine
<i>I'm explaining to my best friend why I am a horrible person We are your best friends, and we are naked. In a rest...
March 02, 2010
I Can't Remember If It's The Year To Make A Joke About Marching by Ray
I'll tell you what, February got away from me. I kept hearing about things that were going to happen in March, deadlines...
March 02, 2010


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