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Where Treasury Agents Get All The Hot Chicks December 01, 2008

Bugged by Ray
Three in the morning, just returning from a drug run to the convenience store down the street. Mucinex, throat relief sp...
December 30, 2008 1 Comment
Christmas Morning by Ray
Christmas morning, and it seems like an exceptionally noisy one, especially considering the fact that I'm the only one a...
December 25, 2008 2 Comments
Gotta Be Kidding Me by Ray
Today did not go as I had planned. At all. I have a nine-hour drive back to my home town tomorrow, and I was supposed...
December 22, 2008
And You Cheat At Yahtzee by Ray
Honestly, there is no honesty. We talk of bonds, or of friendship, or of love, but I'd sell you out in a second and you...
December 21, 2008 1 Comment
Holiday Help by Ray
December 18, 2008
Don't Miss This Amazing Opportunity! by Ray
You have no idea how excited I've been for this moment. Ever since I told you I was writing a book about zombies, I hav...
December 15, 2008 10 Comments
Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Class On The Way Out by Ray
I'm two classes down, which means only three to go until I'm done with the semester. Which is a good thing. A while b...
December 10, 2008
No One Knew by Ray
a hundred started stories, a thousand lost ideas, clouds of stolen magic tickle my neck and my brain, but nothing co...
December 08, 2008
Prost, Fieldmouse! by Jesse
Oh, my brother, Bob I could play that big guitar in our mariachi band What's it called again Well I Think that woul...
December 06, 2008 1 Comment
Conversation Through Text Message by Ray
December 04, 2008 2 Comments
Bicycles For Fish by Ray
"Why are you so sad?" "I'm not sad," I tell her. "Yes, you are. And you lie about it." I feel her stare on the si...
December 02, 2008
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Short As A Penis Popsicle by Ray
I was told to inform you that my friends haven't stopped being as funny, it's just that I was always either really busy...
December 01, 2008
Beware Of Fat Guys Who Want You To Sit On Their Lap by Ray
It's December. You know--the most wonderful time of the year. Or the hap, happiest time of the year. Some bullshit like...
December 01, 2008


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