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The Preferred Reading Of Only The Most Sophisticated Drunk Monkeys October 01, 2008

Happy Halloween! by Ray
Hey everybody. Happy Halloween. I was hoping to get some sort of scary story written for today, but it didn't work out. ...
October 31, 2008
More Pictures by Ray
My first draft of this post got wiped out by a strange incident with the backspace key, and to be honest, I'm kind of gl...
October 30, 2008
Because Reading Sucks by Ray
Not much in the way of words tonight, but that is a-ok, because I realized I had some projects from school I hadn't show...
October 29, 2008
Wasted Evening by Ray
I didn't have class tonight because the instructor was sick. I was pretty pleased when I found out, not because I have a...
October 28, 2008 2 Comments
Like The Riddle Of The Sphinx by Ray
October 27, 2008
Happy Birthday by Ray
Here's the thing: I'm an idiot. I think we all know this by know. It's not an excuse, it's just a fact of life. Mayb...
October 24, 2008 6 Comments
Listen To The Sky by Ray
Starlight stereo, Playing songs of past memories And forgotten answers. <br /> The world looks like cigarette smoke ...
October 24, 2008
About Algae by Ray
So where we at tonight, kids? You doin' all right? Doin' good? Good. My cockhole neighbors are tromping up and...
October 23, 2008 6 Comments
Not What I'm Supposed To Be Doing by Ray
I'm at that weird place where I should be asleep and I want to be asleep, but I just can't be asleep. I had to stay up l...
October 21, 2008
There Must Be Balance by Ray
I'm supposed to be doing homework right now. But something was bothering me. My last post. What if someone came by, like...
October 17, 2008 2 Comments
Not A Political Rant by Ray
So listen: I don't really have anything worth writing about, but I'm not sleepy. Which is weird, considering that I wok...
October 17, 2008 1 Comment
I'm Still Doing It by Ray
Okay. I want to take this moment to assure you that this site is not going to turn into an exercise log. But I generally...
October 16, 2008 6 Comments
I Did It by Ray
I got up this morning at five (okay, a little after five, but just barely). I got dressed. I brushed my teeth. And I ...
October 14, 2008 2 Comments
Tastes Like Mushroom Soup by Ray
I'll be honest with you kids--I'm not in a fantastic way at the moment. The night, it took a sinister turn at some poin...
October 14, 2008 4 Comments
Options by Ray
October 13, 2008 4 Comments
Experiments In Energy Vol. 2: 5-Hour Energy by Ray
Okay, so we already know I'm a little biased against this crap, but just to show you how fair I am, and because I'm bor...
October 11, 2008 1 Comment
Experiments In Energy Vol. 1: Fusion by Ray
Well kids, it's Thursday night, and you know what that means: Science Night! What do you mean, you don't know what I'...
October 10, 2008
Beef Cake! by Ray
October 09, 2008
About Writing by Ray
The little blue light isn't mocking me, not quite, but it's getting dangerously close. I only see that little bastard w...
October 09, 2008
The Inevitable Post About She-Male Porn by Ray
I think you'd be lying if you said you didn't think I had seen my share of she-male porn. I also think you'd be lying i...
October 08, 2008 3 Comments
Car Trouble by Ray
"We're starting late and we're letting out early." This is where a lot of people would say that the words were music ...
October 07, 2008 6 Comments
Hey, Did You... by Ray
Did you guys register to vote yet? Did you watch that debate? And most importantly, do you really think I care? What ...
October 03, 2008 3 Comments
I'm Not Kidding (UPDATED) by Ray
There will be a new post here shortly. No, seriously. It might not be very good, but it will be here. Trust me. ... .....
October 02, 2008 4 Comments
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Not Many by Ray
I don't have any clever sort of introduction for the Quotes this month, and honestly, I barely even have any quotes. Bu...
October 01, 2008
I'm Pretty Sure There's A Fest Named After It by Ray
Man, I was just on my way to bed. You know how you get right before bed, your eyes are all tired, and you're practicall...
October 01, 2008


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