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Can't Keep A Bad Zine Down... July 01, 2004

Gato Grande by Trey
You know that when you become involved with someone their baggage will become yours. I met a certain New York girl se...
July 30, 2004
An overachiever by Carey
Thirteen years ago I decided that I really wanted a pet in my life and contemplating my busy lifestyle I figured a cat w...
July 23, 2004 6 Comments
New York Goggles by Carey
I recently had a conversation with a few friends which included some folks from out of town about the standard of living...
July 21, 2004
Crazy IT Guy by Emily Kattan
I have come to the conclusion that IT guys are creepy! Ever since starting at the company I work at there has been this...
July 21, 2004
Birth Control by Carey
OK dear strangeland readers, hold on to your hats, this is the big one. This is the burning question I and many female v...
July 20, 2004
Drunk on a monday... by Trey
The evening started innocent enough. A bit of dinner, maybe a movie, then to bed early as reasonable people are want to...
July 20, 2004
I Eat the Breakfast Club For...Well, Lunch by Ray
Hangin' out, drunk people roaming like some Native American tribe that doesn't understand the meaning of "straight line....
July 11, 2004
Drunk on a tuesday... by Trey
He talked of life, and love, and dreams found and lost again. "I sought truth", he said, and took a drag of his stunt...
July 07, 2004
6 months and counting... by Trey
TheStrangelands.com is surprised to be celebrating it's 6 month anniversary. Yes, it's true. Oh rare and appreciated r...
July 05, 2004


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