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Good Hard Fun September 01, 2008

Getting Political, Strangelands-Style by Ray
I spent the day doing homework, so I don't really have anything for you to read. Except that rik texted me, so I have th...
September 29, 2008
Ranting Like You Won't Believe by Ray
is it daytime yet? shit no! don't even play like that, actin' like the sun's there and it's time to take action, take re...
September 28, 2008
Things That Make Me Laugh by Ray
I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but I keep putting it off. Which is weird, because there's really not...
September 27, 2008 4 Comments
Shooting Moonlight by Ray
we dance like we're instructed, each and every day it's like those footprints telling us where to step and dammit if we...
September 25, 2008 2 Comments
Making New Friends by Ray
Usually, I don't write about the people I go to school with. I wro...
September 24, 2008
Good Steak by Ray
wreck your humanity, it doesn't hurt. history, it's just another flag point, and we've all missed it. dance with me arou...
September 21, 2008
Like Cube Says... by Ray
Look, let's not even play around: I'm freakin' tired. I mean, I'm an idiot for even being awake right now, and sitting ...
September 16, 2008 6 Comments
For your consideration... by Trey
*************************************************************************** ***************************************...
September 16, 2008 2 Comments
Keyboard Threat by Ray
So I did a search of our website, using that little Google thing up in the upper-left corner of the page, and discovered...
September 15, 2008 2 Comments
Bad Poetry In Under A Minute: In Something by Ray
Autumn nights, beer bottles in hand, Air crisp with the smell of fallen leaves And anticipation Of promise or heartbr...
September 14, 2008 4 Comments
All In My Head by Ray
September 13, 2008
Whining...Just Straight-Up Whining by Ray
September 12, 2008 3 Comments
The Day After Yesterday by Ray
Morning. ...
September 07, 2008
Anotha Audio Assault by Ray
I mentioned at the first of the month that rik and I did a little recording. I think I have something like two hours of ...
September 06, 2008 4 Comments
Work'n 4 Da Man by Ray
3:20. In case you're wondering, that's a.m., as in the morning. A surprising twist: ...
September 05, 2008
Project Pictures by Ray
Once again, I find myself too busy to write a proper post, and have to resort to using pictures of my school work in ord...
September 03, 2008
Adjustable by Ray
<i>Too much</i>. The thought has gone through her head before, many times in her life, but it has never been ...
September 02, 2008
First-Of-The-Month-Quotes: Disturbing by Ray
I was a little worried about the First Of The Month Quotes this month. It was like mid-August, and I only had one or tw...
September 01, 2008
September, Changes by Ray
As a child, I had a love/hate relationship with September. On the one hand, it meant that school started, and that made...
September 01, 2008


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