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Deep As An Old Septic Tank August 01, 2008

Movie Review: Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much by Dave Riley
Y'know that part at the beginning where that girl cradling the dog absent-mindedly lets it escape her clutches and it ru...
August 31, 2008 1 Comment
Hate Week Shirt Reminder by Ray
I just wanted to remind everyone that I will soon be taking the Hate Week shirt out of our shirt shop (I'd add a link to...
August 30, 2008
To Pass The Time by Ray
August 29, 2008
My First Project Of The New Semester by Ray
So I went back to school today, and the two classes I went to were pretty rockin'. Not sure how tomorrow's going to be, ...
August 26, 2008
Back To School (Again) by Ray
School starts tomorrow. In eleven hours, I will be hauling my tired ass into class for another semester of humiliation....
August 25, 2008
So Tired by Ray
August 22, 2008 6 Comments
Poser: Eighth Grade by Ray
Junior High, and fuck me if it wasn't worse than anything I've had to deal with in adulthood. Third grade was worse, of...
August 20, 2008 2 Comments
School wireless networks blow by Lynne Grey
<i>I actually wrote this at 5:30PM but couldn't post it until now, my title explains why.</i><p> I found a nice shady s...
August 19, 2008
Because I Really Need To Post Something by Ray
August 18, 2008 5 Comments
That Kind by Ray
August 16, 2008
I Realized Two Things Today by Ray
August 15, 2008 4 Comments
Drunk On Whine by Ray
August 14, 2008 8 Comments
I'd Be A Terrible Olympian by Ray
(A post dedicated to my sister Leslie--the biggest fan of the Olympics ever) Gymnastics... That one girl just ke...
August 13, 2008 2 Comments
Fuck you, Ray. Love, rik. by rik
Hate Week. I actually had intentions for Hate Week. They were simple, but achievable. Intentions: Find things t...
August 12, 2008 1 Comment
Hate Week Ending by Trey
August 12, 2008 4 Comments
Hatin' on the Mundailies by Jesse
Well, Hate Week. I haven't missed you after all. However, I'm pretty fricken tired, cause it's the middle of the night a...
August 12, 2008 1 Comment
The Last Of My Hate Week Pictures by Ray
With Hate Week winding down (only another 24 hours or so until it's over for the year), I figured I'd go ahead and post ...
August 12, 2008
20 Things I Hate by Ray
August 12, 2008 1 Comment
Relationships Are Hard Work by Ray
Whispered wishes into make-believe ears, almost as pointless as throwing hard-earned cash into a well. The dark hides h...
August 11, 2008
Cornered by Nothing at All by Jesse
There's an empty corner in my livingroom. Really it's filled with clutter right now, but when I finally put that stuff a...
August 10, 2008 11 Comments
Going To Ft. Worth by Ray
I will be back shortly. rik is supposed to post while I'm gone, but she's terribly unreliable, and probably won't. I'm j...
August 09, 2008
Drawings And Screenshots by Ray
August 08, 2008 5 Comments
Hate Week T-Shirt by Ray
August 08, 2008 10 Comments
A Song For Hate Week by Ray
This is making the rounds on the internet today, so some of you may have already seen it. But in case you haven't, and i...
August 07, 2008 2 Comments
Why? (A Hate Week Rant) by Ray
August 07, 2008 1 Comment
On The First Day Of Hate Week... by Ray
I was in the shower this morning when I remembered that today is the first day of Hate Week. I have some pictures made ...
August 06, 2008 2 Comments
Gillette's New Slogan by Ray
August 05, 2008 10 Comments
Neverending Staircase by Ray
August 04, 2008
Good Morning, Sunday by Ray
I decided to try to be a regular human and go to bed last night. I did that thing like regular people do, where they re...
August 03, 2008
On Procreating by Ray
August 02, 2008 3 Comments
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Sharing by Ray
The first of the month is a time for sharing. Sharing <s>our experiences and our love</s> all the nasty, messed up shit...
August 01, 2008 2 Comments
rum, cigarettes, and an armchair by Lynne Grey
August 01, 2008 1 Comment
August Sucks by Ray
August 01, 2008 2 Comments


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