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Four Years of Liver Rotting, Brain Damaging, Bladder Emptying Wonderment February 01, 2008

It Was Worse Than You're Imagining by Ray
You know that guy I bitch about who sits next to me? He came to class last time smelling like cat piss. And not just a...
February 27, 2008 9 Comments
Coincidence Or Magic? by Ray
February 25, 2008 1 Comment
This Again by Ray
February 24, 2008 2 Comments
Stupid Gin, Mail My Letter! by Ray
I drank some bad gin tonight. Pretty much all gin is bad, really, but this was bad in a different and irritating way. ...
February 22, 2008 1 Comment
More School Stuff by Ray
For my Web Design class, we had to sign up for a blog on WordPress. As many of you know, I am not a big fan of blogs. ...
February 21, 2008 4 Comments
2 Heartbeats pt. 26 by Ray
<font color='red'> <b>Note:</b> </font> We started this 2 Heartbeats business a long time ago. For the uninformed: it...
February 19, 2008 1 Comment
Designated by Ray
The house has a thick atmosphere of booze, not in the miserable, pathetic way of a drunk contemplating suicide, but rat...
February 18, 2008 2 Comments
Love, Undying by Ray
February 13, 2008 8 Comments
Stopping In To Say Hello by Ray
February 12, 2008 1 Comment
Sex Education by Ray
February 09, 2008 2 Comments
BJ And The Ninjas by Ray
February 07, 2008 4 Comments
Drowning In The Gene Pool by Ray
Kind of an awkward day, really. I was doing fine this morning, right up until I had to leave my house. The roads I ta...
February 06, 2008 5 Comments
Another Reason To Hate Algebra by Ray
February 02, 2008 3 Comments
Comment Captchas by Trey
Ray was complaining about comment spam again. In an effort to finally put an end to this stuff, I've added 'Captchas'. ...
February 01, 2008 11 Comments
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Still No Calendar by Ray
February 01, 2008
Naked Photos Make A Great Gift by Ray
People sometimes ask if it feels weird to put my writing up where everyone and anyone can read it. They ask how I can ...
February 01, 2008 2 Comments


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