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Danger fits us like a tight black glove... June 01, 2004

'Night by Ray
Casa de Strangelands has closed down for the night, what with the main administrator getting a real job and all (Trey h...
June 24, 2004
Staring At the Fallen by Ray
June 24, 2004
GoodBye by Carey
I am going to take this opportunity to wish Ray and Fema the best of luck (of which they don't really need) on their upc...
June 23, 2004
Slow Day Draggin by Ray
The day drags on, slower than any day has a right to be. There just isn't enough caffeine, there isn't enough sugar to ...
June 12, 2004
The Day Ends by Ray
Another done day. Corporate whore extrodinaire. Killing my soul one exchange at a time, welcome to the world of custom...
June 11, 2004
How did I get conned into auctioning myself? by Emily Kattan
Let me start out by saying that my parents and anyone in my family cannot and I repeat CANNOT relay correct information....
June 06, 2004
Did a Hero Just Use the F-Word? (Portly Boy pt. 8) by Ray
Do you ever get that feeling that the whole world hates you? Like Life itself is out to get you? I mean, do you ever ...
June 05, 2004
Spit On My Shroud and Laugh by Ray
June 05, 2004
Aim For The Heart Ramone by Trey
This short cigar belongs to the man with no name. This long gun belongs to the man with no name. This poncho belongs t...
June 02, 2004
Just Another Day in the Life (Portly Boy pt. 7) by Ray
June 02, 2004


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