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Liver Damage Has Never Looked So Sexy June 01, 2007

Vacation Begins by Ray
I'm off to start my vacation, kids. I'll have your First-Of-The-Month Quotes and your intro to July posted tomorrow, bu...
June 30, 2007
Under Pressure by Ray
June 28, 2007
What I Wonder When I Wonder If I'm Tough by Ray
June 27, 2007
Where I Been by Ray
Usually, I try to use the weekend to get caught up on my Strangelands posting, and maybe write a few extra posts that I...
June 25, 2007 4 Comments
Please Direct Your Attention To... by Ray
June 22, 2007
Five Reasons Fat People Should Stay Inside by Ray
<font color='red'> <b>Note from Ray:</b> </font> I wrote this a while back for submission to a humor site. It had to b...
June 21, 2007
She Walked In...Part 4 by Ray
June 18, 2007
Father's Day by Ray
June 17, 2007 5 Comments
If I Knew Now What I'll Know Later by Ray
Just for the record, I know this is a bad idea. When I wake up tomorrow, the alarm blaring in my ear, and I see that t...
June 15, 2007
It'll Make You Go Blind by Ray
June 14, 2007 5 Comments
Crazy Comments by Trey
Recently, as some of you may have noticed, the comments on the site were spammed (one story had over 20k comments attach...
June 12, 2007 2 Comments
Watch This by Ray
June 12, 2007 2 Comments
Namebrand Trashcan by Ray
June 11, 2007 3 Comments
Scratched Disc by Ray
June 10, 2007
The Hit by Ray
June 09, 2007
If Only Lex Luthor Had Succeeded by Ray
<font color='red'> <b>UPDATED</b> </font> Dear California, Thank you and thank you and thank you. ...
June 08, 2007
Burning Bridges by Ray
<font color='red'> <b>Note from Ray:</b> </font> I entered a flash fiction contest the other day. The guidelines said ...
June 07, 2007
Whoa... by Ray
I got an unusual letter in the mail yesterday. Not a letter, actually, but rather a postcard in an envelope. And not ...
June 06, 2007
Some Weird Crap by Ray
June 04, 2007 2 Comments
A Drinking Manís Parable by Ray
June 04, 2007 2 Comments
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: A Year Remembered by Ray
This month marks the one year anniversary of First-Of-The-Month Quotes. Can you believe it? A year of scribbling down...
June 02, 2007 2 Comments
June Bugging Me by Ray
June 01, 2007 2 Comments


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