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In Like We’re Lying, Out Like We’re Lame…Get It? March 01, 2007

Awake Too Soon by Ray
March 31, 2007
Oh Give Me A Home... by Ray
March 28, 2007 2 Comments
Insomnia by Carey
A day goes on forever 24 hours from sunrise to sunset Multiplied times 3 with slight respite between eternity Running...
March 27, 2007
Not A Bad Guy (part 4 of 4) by Ray
I named her Stephanie Megan, and she was the most beautiful baby that has ever graced the planet, or that ever will. I...
March 27, 2007
Not A Bad Guy (part 3 of 4) by Ray
March 27, 2007
Not A Bad Guy (part 2 of 4) by Ray
March 26, 2007
Not A Bad Guy (part 1 of 4) by Ray
March 26, 2007
You Don't Hate Me by Ray
<font color='red'> <b><i>Another</i> note from Ray:</b> </font> The following was cut/pasted from what was at one point...
March 25, 2007
Monday, Mucking My Mind by Ray
<font color='red'> <b>Note from Ray:</b> </font> I wrote most of this story last night, but before I could finish it of...
March 21, 2007
My Battery Died... by Ray
March 20, 2007 2 Comments
Nothing More Than Feelings by Ray
<font color='red'> <b>Note from Ray:</b> </font> I wrote this Sunday evening, but wasn't sure if I wanted to post it be...
March 20, 2007 1 Comment
2 Heartbeats pt. 25 by Ray
March 17, 2007
A Workplace Conversation by Ray
March 17, 2007
I Changed The Name Of This One by Ray
March 17, 2007
One Night by Ray
March 14, 2007
Cookie Monster by Ray
March 12, 2007
Some Thought by Jesse
My life kinda feels like a trainride. Everywhere I go, I feel a little cramped, and the people I meet - well, you talk, ...
March 11, 2007
Play It Again, Sam by Ray
I got a new CD today, and thank goodness, because sometimes you have to hide. Turn on the tunes, knock back a glass of...
March 08, 2007 1 Comment
Put My Foot Where? by Ray
<center><img src="http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/usernameusername_01/brianjohnson.jpg"/></center> The thing ab...
March 07, 2007 2 Comments
2 Heartbeats pt. 24 by Trey
As I descend into the boiling water I try to plan it out to lessen the damage. Rules for being dipped in boiling wate...
March 06, 2007 3 Comments
A Word Of Advice by Ray
March 03, 2007 1 Comment
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: #'s by Ray
March 02, 2007
Marches Past by Ray
I was just about to go to bed right now. It was a long lousy day, and when I got home, I saw that the maintenance men ...
March 02, 2007 3 Comments


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