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Celebrating 4 months of random babble... May 01, 2004

Why do Strange People Want to take my Picture? by Emily Kattan
To my luck I happen to have an old friend who is a Playboy Playmate, Miss August 2003. This year marks the 50th anniver...
May 14, 2004
Past history by Carey
It might not be fair to ramble on about a job I had years ago when I first moved to the city, but this warm weather and ...
May 12, 2004
Tickle me, Belmo by Ray
I don't claim to know the key to life, not unless I've had way too much to drink or things are going really well for me....
May 12, 2004
First Time by Ray
At work, wasting time, got some chick yelling at me to get to work. I didn't know this section existed until a few days...
May 11, 2004
Aftermath of an Adventure (Portly Boy pt. 6) by Ray
May 07, 2004 8 Comments
Mad From the Heat, That's What She Is by Ray
I just read the new stuff by Hyde. It's like the chick has lost her mind talking about shedding bad habits. What the h...
May 05, 2004
A New Leaf, A New Day by Carey
Spring has arrived and the trees are blooming, flowers are blossoming and love is in the air. Pigeons loom the sidewal...
May 03, 2004
Battle of a Hero (Portly Boy pt. 5) by Ray
What happened was, I got busted for mooning some chick in a park, right? She turned out to be an evil judge, and becau...
May 02, 2004
Welcome to May and All Her Minions by Ray
Happy May, everybody. Hope you're enjoying life, whether it's an overwhelming gift of happiness each and every day or ...
May 02, 2004 1 Comment


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