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Terrifying Children And Dancing On Old People Since 1837 October 01, 2006

Murder @ Twilight (pt. 9 of 9) by Ray
October 31, 2006
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 8 of 9) by Ray
<center><b><u>November 2</u></center></b> I did it. The doctor said I would lose time, so that part wa...
October 31, 2006
Six Word Stories by Ray
This has been around for a while, so you may have already seen it splattered all over the internet, but just in case yo...
October 30, 2006 1 Comment
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 7 of 9) by Ray
<center><b><u>November 1</u></center></b> They spend most of the day talking about anything other than the present sit...
October 30, 2006
Change Your Clock by Ray
Time change tonight! Back to real time! Die, Daylight Savings Time, you evil bastard! Change your clocks with glee, ...
October 29, 2006
The Best Part Of Waking Up... by Ray
One pot of coffee, used as study guide, and then used as whiskey chaser. The key is to grind the beans so fine that yo...
October 29, 2006
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 6 of 9) by Ray
<center><b><u>November 2</u></center></b> The thing about small towns is, you never really get to have any...
October 29, 2006
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 5 of 9) by Ray
<center><b><u>November 1</u></center></b> The walk across the parking lot is one of the most surreal exper...
October 29, 2006
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 4 of 9) by Ray
<center><u><b>November 2</u></center></b> My name is Jackson Tye. I am twenty six years old, and I live i...
October 28, 2006
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 3 of 9) by Ray
October 27, 2006
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 2 of 9) by Ray
<center><u><b>November 1</center></b></u> Jackson Tye opens his eyes and uses up a couple seconds of his l...
October 27, 2006
Murder @ Twilight (pt. 1 of 9) by Ray
<center><u><b>October 31</center></b></u> Kristy Brown paused the movie she was watching and rose from the couch. Sh...
October 27, 2006
Student Identification by Ray
October 26, 2006
Sucker-punched By The Ghost Of The Past by Ray
October 24, 2006 10 Comments
Class Begins by Ray
So tonight was the first night of class. You have probably noticed that I rarely post anything even remotely political...
October 24, 2006
Wasted Sunday by Ray
So I decided that I was going to make a puppet. A marionette, to be more precise. I was trying to buy one, but I cou...
October 23, 2006
What's Up Now by Ray
October 22, 2006 2 Comments
Action!...Annnd Cut. by Ray
What night will it be? This one, probably. Too late once more. If only I could have saved the tiny time traveler fro...
October 20, 2006 1 Comment
Nasty Water And Dirty Words by Ray
Every ...
October 19, 2006
Road Trip...The Decision by Ray
October 18, 2006
Gale City Grind by Jesse
Wordless, breathless feeling restless a hunger rises in my throat I'm out the door before I know whipping coatta...
October 17, 2006
Road Trip...The Knock by Ray
October 16, 2006
Road Trip...Intro by Ray
October 15, 2006
Bad Poetry In Under A Minute: Crawling Back by Ray
Scratching on nothing, Hoping you hear, Never looking up, Just in case you ignore. Hiding my desire; Hiding ...
October 14, 2006
Loser TV by Ray
October 13, 2006
Bogart and Bacall by Trey
October 12, 2006
Interns (pt. 2 of 2) by Ray
October 11, 2006
Interns (pt. 1 of 2) by Ray
October 11, 2006 1 Comment
Not As Boring by Ray
October 10, 2006
Shoes by Ray
I like shoes. Sneakers, mostly (I grew up calling then tennis shoes, for some reason, and calling them sneakers still ...
October 10, 2006 1 Comment
How Do You Tell...? by Ray
October 09, 2006 3 Comments
Ray's Big Day Out (pt. 2--conclusion) by Ray
After Best Buy, I went to CompUSA. Nothing there but extra-friendly employees who really weirded me out. I bought a p...
October 08, 2006 1 Comment
Ray's Big Day Out (pt. 1) by Ray
October 08, 2006
My New Keyboard by Ray
October 07, 2006
What Do You Call...? by Ray
October 07, 2006
Title (because i couldn't think of anything else to name this) by Ray
In an ideal world there would be something great to read every time you checked out The Strangelands. Also, I would be...
October 05, 2006 2 Comments
Bad Poetry In Under A Minute: Wasted Life by Ray
You smiled sadly, You said you were sorry, And closed the door. Forever. Was my life over Before then? Or di...
October 05, 2006
Interesting Is For Punk Kids by Ray
In my head, I pictured it like this: come home, work out, clean the house. While working out, I thought up an idea...
October 04, 2006 2 Comments
It's not a microwave by rik
October 03, 2006 4 Comments
The Riddle by Ray
October 03, 2006 2 Comments
Not Much... by Ray
October 03, 2006
Parenting by Dave Riley
Little brother asks, "Oh mommy, is there a god?" She will lie to him....
October 01, 2006 23 Comments
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Time Passes by Ray
I just realized the first-of-the-month quotes have been around since June. Actually, I posted the first ones in <a hre...
October 01, 2006
Mixed News by Ray
October 01, 2006


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