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It's April You Fool... April 01, 2004

Closer To Crime-fighting (Portly Boy pt. 4) by Ray
April 24, 2004
The showdown by Carey
"I don't think we should see each other anymore." Words that were spoken out of the blue by the girl who thought she had...
April 23, 2004 1 Comment
Waiting by Carey
Too many words spoken, Apologies are never enough. Revelations that tear apart hearts, And tears that fill rivers. ...
April 22, 2004
This Is Called Prelude by Ray
Hit me tight with a left hook and see if I smile. Heck, I never knew what was going on anyways. Let's lift the madne...
April 21, 2004
Take the World Tomorrow by Ray
April 21, 2004
Sour Dreams by Ray
When the sun comes up tomorrow, who will you be? Are you the same when the sun sets? Expressed everything and a pocke...
April 21, 2004
Maybe Next Time by Ray
I tried to write her a love poem, I tried to tell her How much I love her, How wonderful she is. How she make...
April 17, 2004
Spring Is In the Air by Ray
Wind bullying, Pushing, pulling, Tantrums of nature. Rain slapping, Harsh drops of animosity Filling the sky. <br...
April 17, 2004
Good, Grief by Ray
Splicing minutes, Whispering across time In leather boots And a top hat. Be careful what you sing. Fingerprin...
April 17, 2004
A Day In Love by Ray
Moving in the Dark, Cool breeze from somewhere, As silent as space, Darkness Complete. Running in tandem, ...
April 17, 2004
The Almost-Dawn of a Sidekick (Portly Boy pt. 3) by Ray
April 17, 2004
I Gotcher # by Ray
Blah blah blah. Yep, that about covers it. Pick a card, any card. Ask me a question, any question. The card ...
April 17, 2004


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