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Insect by James Printer Friendly

The persistence of a thickly shelled insect

madly smashing against the window

can sound like rain

-- but it isnít.


you open the sliding glass

and the dark night time fizzle

of another lost day

rushes in,

inviting with it the far off sound of the highway

and the lapsing moist coolness

of a precious temperate evening.

To your credit,

you had always believed my lies before.

But now this creature is in here with us.

Not noticing,

you close the door behind it,

not even looking at how my eyes donít shut

as I watch in awe the finality of it all.

The insect now crawls slowly under the couch

and after that

it becomes somehow transfigured,

simultaneously miraculous and hallucinatory,

like the subjective presence

of my grandfathers eyes

accepting death in that hospital bed.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-05-04 03:17:58

holy shit

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