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The Eyes Have It by K
We arrived ten minutes early for Dad's appointment with the specialist. The office was still closed for lunch, and t...
April 11, 2011
Cruelest Fate by K
He had spent the better part of the past three years looking out the small window at the world that sat just out of his ...
April 07, 2011
It's Not Easy Being Me by K
Its not easy being a good girl. I admit, I've been a pacifist since birth, most likely apologizing profusely upon my...
April 07, 2011
Hold Me Close, Let Me Go by K
My grandpa used to drive my grandmother crazy during the kitchen parties that were held on a regular basis in their rura...
April 04, 2011
Dear Santa by K
Dear Santa, Yeah I know -- I haven't been on your radar for a few years. I think Malibu Barbie was the last thing we ...
December 07, 2010
The Crusader by K
It didn't take long after we'd moved here, to notice him. It seemed every time we made our way up the inland highway, on...
December 04, 2010