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eclectic Charlie Mine

Talk by Charlie Mine
“So. Why don’t you start by telling me about your childhood?” I sigh, shifting in my chair. I always want to pace w...
November 22, 2010
Kick Ass by Charlie Mine
“Twenty-eight....twenty-nine....Thirty! Ready or not, here I come!” But instead of running throug...
November 21, 2010
Wicked Game by Charlie Mine
Alone. Again. So tired. Can this really be all there is? The tequila is sharp, pungent. My throat constrict...
November 21, 2010
Outside by Charlie Mine
“Denny’s got matches!” I held the jar up, looking at the golden eye. Do toads have friends? “What do you thi...
November 18, 2010
Dance by Charlie Mine
“Alright, Lynnie, last song.” “Aw, c’mon, Denny! You’re gonna make me go to bed at ten?” “Hey, we talked about th...
November 17, 2010
Men by Charlie Mine
“Let’s go over by the boys.” I looked over. Denny launched himself from a tree into the water. “If Mom catches him ...
November 15, 2010
Household Gods by Charlie Mine
“Dad-” I stopped abruptly, hand on the door frame. Dust motes shimmered in the late afternoon sun. He lay on his side,...
November 13, 2010
Texture? by Charlie Mine
I'm explaining to my best friend why I am a horrible person We are your best friends, and we are naked. In a rest...
March 02, 2010
Maybe by Charlie Mine
Focus. He's talking. I'm listening, watching, and feeling. Pain, sadness, guilt, fear. I pull my...
February 01, 2010
Chapter 4: Final Exam by Charlie Mine
"Let's test it one more time." I groaned. "Oh, come on! What if doesn't work?" "Seriously, Maggie, we alread...
January 08, 2010
Chapter 3: Now by Charlie Mine
"Now?" "No, not yet. That was only one assailant." "Yeah, but he had a gun!" "We can't take any chances on ...
January 08, 2010
Chapter 2: Save Money, Live Better by Charlie Mine
I so hate Walmart. It's not just the zombies wandering brainlessly from aisle to aisle, getting in my way whil...
January 07, 2010
Chapter 1: Interview by Charlie Mine
"What the fuck?" I willed the bastard to meet my eyes as I took another drag on my cigarette. "What now?" M...
January 06, 2010
"Meet Me In The Woodshed" by Charlie Mine
By Grandpa Charlie Yep, once again, Ray, you have
October 19, 2009
Not Guilty by Charlie Mine
"Don't you ever feel like just saying 'Fuck it' to the whole goddamn world? Day in, day out, the same nine-to-five bull...
August 27, 2009
Wisdom From The Trenches by Charlie Mine
"If she were human, she'd be like, this thirty-somethin' white trash bitch, livin' in a trailer with a buncha kids, and ...
April 24, 2009
Put Up by Charlie Mine
"Maybe I'm just tired. Or shot one too many steroid injections this week. Whatever. I oughta be happy for you insensi...
April 21, 2009
Shut The Fuck Up by Charlie Mine
Maybe I’m just tired. Or shot one too many steroid injections this week. Whatever. I oughta be happy for all of you i...
April 20, 2009
Perfect by Charlie Mine
Memory is a funny thing. Most days, it seemed like he couldn't rely on it at all. Yet, there were times when it would ...
April 20, 2009
Fresh Meet: Pick-up by Charlie Mine
He kept his eye on her as she moved about the mission house that night. She was new to this scene, fairly young, with e...
April 14, 2009
Humanity by Charlie Mine
Parasites and jackals Scavenging gloriously Faces painted with gore Constantly looking left and right Concerned only...
April 09, 2009
Fresh Meet by Charlie Mine
"Mitch!" Jimmy's harsh whisper was irritating. "What?" The snarled response was intended to silence, not encourag...
April 09, 2009