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I wish I had a cupcake! Emily Kattan

Why Not to Get Shit-Faced at a Work Happy HourÖ by Emily Kattan
I have been working, since about last year, at this book publishing company. The company is great, laid back atmosphere...
September 11, 2006
What Happens When You Turn 30... by Emily Kattan
The day after I turned 30 I got sick and bruised my leg. Is this going to be the rest of my life? Getting sick and bruis...
September 07, 2006
The 3 fabulousos! by Emily Kattan
On my 30th birthday a pair of close friends gave me an ecosphere, a totally enclosed eco system which contained 3 shrimp...
September 07, 2006
Youíre Going to Kick Yourself For Not Having My Job! (Continued) by Emily Kattan
As you know Iím in charge of a Skank Search at my work and we had to disqualify one of the girls; well actually she with...
November 12, 2004
Youíre Going to Kick Yourself For Not Having My Job! by Emily Kattan
I have left the mean, cold corporate world and went back to work at Dallas Mustang. A company that specializes in modif...
October 20, 2004
Too Many Martinis... by Emily Kattan
1 Mai Tai 1 Sour Apple Martini 2 Sour Apple Martinis 3 Sour Apple Martinis 4 Sour Apple Martinis Sitting in the...
October 03, 2004
Crazy IT Guy by Emily Kattan
I have come to the conclusion that IT guys are creepy! Ever since starting at the company I work at there has been this...
July 21, 2004
How did I get conned into auctioning myself? by Emily Kattan
Let me start out by saying that my parents and anyone in my family cannot and I repeat CANNOT relay correct information....
June 06, 2004
Why do Strange People Want to take my Picture? by Emily Kattan
To my luck I happen to have an old friend who is a Playboy Playmate, Miss August 2003. This year marks the 50th anniver...
May 14, 2004
When did I become a peace activist? by Emily Kattan
I was at the Dallas Peace Center yesterday discussing a possible showing of my photography when all of a sudden the dire...
March 26, 2004
Cube or No Cube by Emily Kattan
People always complain about their cube jobs, which I donít understand because I have never had one. They say things li...
February 09, 2004