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yes? Lynne Grey

School wireless networks blow by Lynne Grey
I actually wrote this at 5:30PM but couldn't post it until now, my title explains why.

I found a nice shady s...

August 19, 2008
rum, cigarettes, and an armchair by Lynne Grey
Iíve been MIA for the past whatever weeks, mostly due to me having my pack mule loving boyfriend move all my shit from m...
August 01, 2008
Stranger by Lynne Grey
Here's that story I promised........ I feel like a stranger parked in my own driveway; the driveway where I parked ...
June 12, 2008
My 1st Day by Lynne Grey
So, last night I was ready to go and post something amazing. I was reading through the comments on my previous post ...
June 11, 2008
Throwing myself to the wolves. by Lynne Grey
Hi everyone, my name is Lynne and I've been reading all this crazy stuff for a while now. I finally got the nerve to act...
June 10, 2008