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underscore anonymous instant rash walt valentine

kindred coobellow by walt valentine
dear ernst, yr devil may care hair and wet wombat smirk drown the evercrunch of a half hour lunch. If a lack of ...
June 02, 2005
anarchy in bedrock by walt valentine
well, ill tell you but only cuz i like you errico malatesta an i-talian he was extremely intelligent but inste...
May 25, 2005
repression is depression by walt valentine
One last hoorah and realize... every beer makes me taller puff of grass and grow smaller while big clouds of gr...
April 14, 2005
gnawing at the belly by walt valentine
it is just as you say just like i, too, would write at first full of pain like a dying wolf caught in a trap each d...
April 08, 2005
J.F.K.H by walt valentine
J.F.K.H. jackass dreams bellow the loudest and we wake with drooling lips and bleeding eyes heads torn asunde...
March 28, 2005
cattle call by walt valentine
hallow day and rain the ghost gave way again a steady drip from my ceiling the pliers the reek and reeling a pho...
March 28, 2005
a bright scar filled night by walt valentine
*/ today i sat down and slowly finished the final pages of a well recommended book. enduring and endearing to t...
March 10, 2005
death head by walt valentine
calm sweeping lice crawl down from the children infecting and reflecting me with modern day malcontent awake in...
March 10, 2005