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truthstrangerthanfiction STRANGE GIRL

heres to the night. by STRANGE GIRL
ok the margaritas are gone and the hight is nearing an end as well as other things. air supply CD croons of lovers split...
December 28, 2005
Ode to How Young Are Ya? by STRANGE GIRL
hey there kids, another dollar another day. today is the day I celebrate my 32nd birthday. Another year to tack on the...
May 20, 2005
Look Ma! No Hands! by STRANGE GIRL
May 07, 2005
Maker Of Moments by STRANGE GIRL
SHE. Many faces, Many moods. Many choices, Many REGRETS. Many Lovers, Many Friends. Of Diaries, Of Chron...
May 07, 2005
two krispy kremes and a hotdog by STRANGE GIRL
the night at the big apple.... i told them....we gotta find it..... it is the best....I had heard..... I told them....
April 23, 2005
The Battlefield by STRANGE GIRL
THe Battlefield..... In the famous words of Pat Benetar.... LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD. For those of you that are 80...
April 22, 2005
The Questions by STRANGE GIRL
When she asked? When do I matter? Have I done something to deserve this silent treatment? Do I deserve to b...
March 21, 2005
The Desktop by STRANGE GIRL
Ahhhhh...The sweet sound of my fingers tapping the black buttons. What a joy, What a thrill. The world of my imaginati...
March 05, 2005