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deviant malcontent JFK Harris

Put Off All Your Grief Young Man by JFK Harris
Once, in the garden, where we’d play Hide and seek, desperately seeking each others’ To die for beings, your long soa...
March 24, 2005
SHOUTOUTS! pt. 1 by JFK Harris
Hey Laymen! Soldiers of Fortune! “Hooha…Hooha.” Hey Jesus! Hooray for god, marching forward between layers of steel...
February 23, 2005
Nostalgia? or Deja vu? by JFK Harris
man, am i annoying or what!? not only am i not considerate of others' bedtimes, i continue to talk even after i've qu...
February 03, 2005
oneminuteflop (readslowly) by JFK Harris
iloved thered sweater themouse inthe trashcan thesweat onmyearlobe and speakingto you and the result being less...
February 01, 2005
Not all who 'wonder' are lost. by JFK Harris
"One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic." - Stalin I do wonder. I wonder about war all the time and everyw...
January 20, 2005
Jeez, Oh, Jeez! Give me one more Gig please!!! by JFK Harris
yo yo yo! word up from philly! although i submitted at the tail end of hate week an egregiously long and spiteful em...
January 17, 2005
an introduction and/or... by JFK Harris
....a partial attempt to answer possible forthcoming inquiry of "Who are You Again?": je m'appelle julian... not a...
January 17, 2005