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Where Dead Men Come To Tell Their Tales May 01, 2006

I Gotcher Blog Hangin'! by Ray
May 31, 2006 6 Comments
The Carnival by Ray
<font color='red'><b>Note from Ray:</b></font> I wrote this for a contest I was gonna enter, but I forgot to read all t...
May 30, 2006 2 Comments
Weather Alert by Carey
The sun is still shining but the air is heavy and impending like a pregnant belly waiting to relieve its cargo. Thunde...
May 29, 2006 3 Comments
A Failed Attempt at Reviewing X-Men: The Last Stand by Ray
May 29, 2006
I Can't Sleep For All Of the Voices by Ray
May 28, 2006 2 Comments
Sit...Stay...Write by Ray
May 28, 2006
Three Day Weekend by Ray
May 27, 2006
My Spanish by Ray
May 26, 2006
I've Seen Better Days... by Ray
May 24, 2006 4 Comments
In Case You're New... by Ray
So I was talking to Trey the other night, and we were discussing how cool we were for posting so many 2 Heartbeats stor...
May 23, 2006 3 Comments
A Few Sunday Nights by Ray
Sunday night, only just now recovering from the past week. Man, work blows. Driving myself crazy trying to remember th...
May 22, 2006
Two Heartbeats pt. 21 by Ray
May 21, 2006 1 Comment
Two Heartbeats pt. 20 by Trey
Somewhere in the depths of that desert tomb the Cupcake was laughing. Hooting echos bouncing down the steel walls of the...
May 20, 2006
Dropping Acid and Other Bad Stuff by Ray
May 19, 2006
My Buddy Buddy and Our Double Date by Ray
May 17, 2006 3 Comments
2 Heartbeats pt. 19 by Ray
May 15, 2006 2 Comments
A Dog's Day (55) by Carey
May 14, 2006 1 Comment
Out Of the Portmobile, Into the Fire (Portly Boy pt. 64) by Ray
May 14, 2006
55 Words - NYC Last Night (an Autobiography) by Trey
Four A.M. Twenty dollars and the pink paper invite from the DJ gets us in. The greasy Italians in the tracksuits and ...
May 13, 2006 5 Comments
Another Fifty-Five by Ray
May 12, 2006 3 Comments
an attempt at fifty-five by rik
Wow, this was much more difficult than Jesse made it sound, but here goes: She walked up the stairs to her apartment,...
May 12, 2006 3 Comments
Fifty-Fives by Jesse
<font face="times", font size="-1", font color ="008800"> Preface: Hello, Strangelanders. I was reminded of an exercise ...
May 12, 2006 1 Comment
The Nature of Dusk by Jesse
On the edge of a hundred babbling brooks as on the tips of tongues the world leaves a sensitivity of feeling as of so...
May 12, 2006
Random ramblings by rik
Wouldn't it be cool if there were random stick-figure people walking around? We could work with them, go to school with ...
May 12, 2006
Crap-ass Home Digital Recordings by Dave Riley
It's been said that artists wallow in their own feces. Then hardcore technocrats wallow in the feces of others. A well-d...
May 11, 2006 3 Comments
Copy Cat by Ray
For a while, I was planning on posting a series of pictures showing what happened to my desk calendar each month. The ...
May 10, 2006 5 Comments
Shame-O Episode 13 by Dave Riley
Sister Mary Esther turned, faced the children, and raised her hands, poised to conduct the children, above her head. She...
May 09, 2006
Interview With An Alien by Ray
May 07, 2006 5 Comments
Express Yourself by Ray
May 06, 2006
What I'm Listening To by Trey
Years ago I started boycotting radio because it sucks, and since I have my TV hooked up to a 5 dollar set of rabbit ears...
May 05, 2006
Time Marches On by Trey
I wanna pull on your coat about something. I wanna bend your ear. I wanna whisper my thoughts and faith into the cortex ...
May 04, 2006 7 Comments
Remembrance (conclusion) by Ray
May 03, 2006
Well Played, Clerks by Ray
May 02, 2006
Remembrance (part one) by Ray
May 02, 2006
Hello, Killy by Ray
May 01, 2006 2 Comments


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