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Doom and Gloom by Trey Printer Friendly

Every so often when Iím talking to Ray well into our cups on a weekday evening, he just seems a bit too chipper and I find it necessary to crush him with frightening stories about the destruction of civilization as we know it. I donít get into the more plebeian mass media type hysteria. No global warming, oil shortages, mad cow, or rancid spinach for me. I prefer my society destroying events of a more exotic flavor. Iím more of a smallpox weaponization, Russian manufactured virus, inevitability of a global pandemic of some sort, Black Death revisited kind of guy.

Maybe itís Rayís upcoming wedding, or maybe itís just all the cancer causing sunshine down in Texas taking the edge of his angst, but I found it necessary to lay out my latest doom and gloom scenario for him a couple of weeks back, and in honor of tomorrowís elections, I figured Iíd share it with the rest of you.

This story starts out rather more mundanely. No pox, no boils, no blood seeping out your eyeballs, so no worries, youíll be able to keep that Big Mac down. Tonight Iím giving you a tale of quite comfortable suicide. Not of a person. Not even of a city or state. No, tonight we talk about the death of an entire society, a death that is likely unstoppable.

Letís start small and talk about birthrates. When discussing population the idea of Ďreplacement rateí comes up. For a society to maintain itís population it is necessary for each couple to have 2.1 children. That extra Ď.1' on the end takes care of kids doing stupid things or catching wicked cases of the flu.

Letís talk about the birthrates in the majority of the western world.

Ireland, 1.9

France 1.89

Australia, 1.7

United Kingdom, 1.6

Canada, 1.48

Germany 1.35

Japan, 1.32

Italy, 1.23

Russia, 1.14

The United States of America, 2.11

The European Union as a whole, 1.38

Letís talk about this historical birthrate Ďpoint of no returní. The Ďpoint of no returní being the birthrate from which no society has ever recovered. Ancient Rome is a good example. This particular number is about 1.4 children per couple. Seventeen countries in Europe are already below that point. The rest are headed that way.

The United States population just passed the 300,000,000 mark. European newspapers, if you follow that sort of thing, took it as an opportunity to spread doom and gloom about our enormous population and huge appetite for resources. As usual, the existence of the U.S. of A. Is threatening the world, this time, I assume, by refusing to follow their example and dry up and blow away.

Letís talk about the social welfare state Europe and Canada are famous for and the fact that those services will become unviable well before Social Security has even begun to pinch in our backwards little part of the world Europe is so fond of sneering at.

Letís talk about the facts behind those current European birthrates and understand that those numbers are bolstered by huge numbers of poor, disenfranchised, unassimilated people from radically Islamic countries who have a penchant for blowing up the tubes in London, buildings in New York, burning buses and beating police in Paris, stabbing film makers in The Netherlands, and issuing Fatwas against anyone who looks at them sideways. Letís also consider that these people have birthrates approaching 6 children per couple. Letís further consider that Europe canít get by without them.

Letís talk about Russia. Or rather, letís go ahead and write it off. 50 years from now, thereíll be no Russia left to speak of. The life expectancy of men has dropped to 59 years and nobody still left is bothering to have kids anyway. The largest country on Earth with the second largest nuclear arsenal will be empty. China might decide to take over itís Eastern edges for the rich natural resources. They normally probably wouldnít bother, but since instituting their Ďone child per coupleí policy, the birthrate of men to women has become 119 to 100 so theyíll have 200,000,000 single, sexually frustrated men with no chance at a wife. A good war might be just what theyíll need.by then. Hmmm... maybe theyíll take over the whole place since it will be nothing but single women. Sure, theyíll be old, but theyíll be available.

When I talk about suicide, I donít mean of humanity. I am referring exclusively to the death of the West. Birthrates are dropping across the globe, but make no mistake, the population of many places is still growing by leaps and bounds. Africa and The Middle East come to mind. Also India and South America to a degree (God bless them).

Before Iím branded a Xenophobe or an isolationist, consider that I live in Queens New York. The most diverse place ON EARTH. I hear half a dozen languages on my walk to subway every morning. Women in Burkas, men in turbans (both Sikh and Arab), and people of every color under the rainbow are daily experiences of life for me. I also grew up in Texas which is becoming more bilingual by the day.

Personally, I do support some sort of border control, but I also think immigration is one of our strengths. But our two greatest strengths are our strong belief in the family and our ability to assimilate immigrants from all over the world into our society. Those last two points are the ones that Europe lacks.

For Europe, letís wonder what happens 50 years down the line when the dominant populations of democratic Europe have become angry unassimilated Muslims who feel a greater kinship with Saudi Arabia than the European Union. People who, by and large, believe September 11th was a Zionist plot and think gay people and adulteresses need to be stoned to death.

As for this years elections in the United States, they promise to be very close. But what about the elections 50 years from now? The birthrates on the costal Democratic strongholds mimic those of Europe. So all those babies being born here, the ones scaring the begesus out of Europe, are being born in Republican states. These next couple of elections might be the last chance the democrats have to do anything for quite some time.

For our elections, I still remain a one issue man. I think, after a decade in unchecked power, the Republicans currently in office have become as corrupt and vapid a group of elected officials as this country has seen in the past 100 years. However, I also believe that the question of what the world will be like 100 years from now will in many ways be decided in Iraq.

I supported the overthrow of Saddam, not for vengeance, oil, or altruism, but because I saw Muslims all over the world cheering on the streets in celebration of September 11th. It is obvious at this point that Europe will be at least a borderline Islamic continent in 50 years and that the United States might very well be the only remaining viable western country.

When the majority of the world is under the control of Islamists, I donít want them to be suicide bombing Saudi Arabian funded wackos. I want them to come from a cultural base of modernity and secular democratic rule. For this to happen, the Middle East must change. People talk about the dissatisfaction of the Iranian population and their desire to throw off the chains of the Mullahs, but people have also been predicting this for decades. I supported the invasion of Iraq because I hoped that since it was virtually the only secular country in the Middle East, it would be the best popular breeding place for a change in outlook across the entire region.

At this point those dreams appear distant, but not entirely dead. What I am left with at this point is a belief that we must at least stick with it until the Iraqi government is at a point where it can provide itís citizens with a modicum of security and self rule.

I do know that if we leave now as the Democrats would like us to, Iraq will instantly degenerate into a bloodbath of civil war and finally become a prime breeding ground for even more generations of radical Islamists.

Some people still want us in Iraq. Our soldiers on the ground and the Iraqi government come to mind. Maybe we should listen to them and stick with it.

Itís either that or join Europe in admitting that we no longer have the will to fight for our beliefs or even our survival.

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