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You’re Going to Kick Yourself For Not Having My Job! by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

I have left the mean, cold corporate world and went back to work at Dallas Mustang. A company that specializes in modifications and restoration of Mustangs. They also build new “old” custom Mustangs. Basically I’m the only girl employee and I really have no idea why they hired me in the 1st place since my knowledge in cars on a scale of 1-10 is 1. I’m their photographer/Graphics Designer so I get to do product photography of car parts and cars and I also do graphics for them.

Now here’s the good part…

They decided they wanted to do a bikini girl car calendar. So how do we get girls? We have a Dallas Mustang Calendar Girl Search (AKA: Skank Search) and guess who they put in charge of the whole thing? Not only do I get to select these girls but I get to shoot them ON cars. I get to pose them in their little bikinis every which way over these cars! So that means for the next month my inbox is filled with pictures of applicants that are half naked!


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