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Change Your Clock by Ray Printer Friendly

Time change tonight! Back to real time! Die, Daylight Savings Time, you evil bastard! Change your clocks with glee, and celebrate getting an hour of your life back.

The only thing better than changing back from Daylight Savings Time would be if we never had to go to it in the first place.

Daylight Savings Time is proof that politicians hate us. I have a theory (some call it a conspiracy theory, but only because theyíre in on it) that the United States government uses Daylight Savings Time as a way to wear down our wills and make us do stupid shit such as listen to pop music.

But letís not darken the mood with that rain cloud. Rejoice, my friends, for Daylight Savings Time has ended for another year.

To any readers who donít have to suffer through Daylight Savings Time: Sorry to exclude you on this one, but at least you donít have to deal with this stupid shit, right?


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