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Murder @ Twilight (pt. 1 of 9) by Ray Printer Friendly

October 31

Kristy Brown paused the movie she was watching and rose from the couch. She was halfway to the door when she decided not to answer it. The flow of trick-or-treaters had been constant for the past two hours, and she was tired of trying to fake the enthusiasm about all of the stupid costumes.

She sat back down on the couch and started her movie up. The doorbell rang again, and she ignored it. It rang again. She turned the volume up on the TV.


“Little bastards,” Kristy said as she stood. The bell rang again as she walked through the living room. Kristy smiled to herself and detoured to the kitchen, for the biggest, most deadly-looking knife she owned. She tip-toed to the door and waited for the bell to ring again. When it did, she planned to yank the door open, lift the knife, and scream bloody murder. If the little shits were going to be bothering her all night, she might as well teach them not to come back next year.

The bell rang and she jerked the door open, lifting the huge knife. Before she could scream, a knife that was even bigger than hers was plunged into her throat.

Kristy dropped her knife and reached for the one that was stuck into her neck. Before she could get it, the blade was pulled out, and she was shoved backwards into the hall. She saw a stream of red liquid shoot through the air as she fell, and she realized that the new carpet in the hallway was going to be ruined. She had barely hit the ground before her assailant was on top of her.

She realized that the Trick-or-Treater was awfully big to be out gathering candy on Halloween. The face that looked down on her was the face of a demon, red horns protruding from the head, chrome-shiny fangs hovering just above her face.

“Hope you’re ready for Hell,” the demon whispered, and plunged the knife into her neck again—this time into the left side and out through the right.

Kristy looked up at the masked face and tried to ask why this was happening Before she could even try to ask, she was dead.


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