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Student Identification by Ray Printer Friendly

I went to get my student ID today. I need it so that I can go take my first test next week. My text book still hasnít come in, which means that Iíll have less than five days to read several chapters, discuss them on the student forums (citing at least two web sites that back up my position), and then get tested on them.

Itís gonna be a good time. I was going to scan in my student ID so you can see what a scholar I am, but I think thereís probably secret information on there, and I donít want someone stealing my identity or anything. I mean, sure it would be fun if they would take this class for me, but I donít want them to get my comic books. Which Iím pretty sure is all identity thieves are after, in the first place.

Instead, you get this:

Trey made it from this website, which is actually a pretty fun bit of business. The picture on my student ID looks pretty much exactly like this. I wasnít going to wear my eyepatch at first, but once I saw how amazingly dashing I looked, I couldnít resist. Also, instead of taking two beers with me, I elected to take a beer and a bottle of whiskey. The South Park program doesnít have whiskey bottles, or I assume I would have had one of those in Treyís picture.

In case youíre interested, hereís the one he did of Carey:

and hereís the one that one of his friends did of him:

Which are both also pretty right on.

At first, the student ID people wanted to give me a little guff about showing up with an eyepatch and booze, but after a bit of kick-to-the-groin persuasion, they were convinced to let me do whatever the hell I wanted.

I can already tell Iím gonna be great at this college stuff.


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