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Class Begins by Ray Printer Friendly

So tonight was the first night of class. You have probably noticed that I rarely post anything even remotely political on this site. Itís because I have a whole other site where I keep up with current political trends, as well as analyze the social and economical effects that various political parties have on the nation.

Thatís not true.

Itís because I know jack shit about politics. Itís because when I start trying to stay on top of governmental news, my brain goes numb and I start thinking about that one time in high school when I was making out with a really hot girl and accidentally ejaculated in my pants. Because even that memory is less painful for me than thinking about politics.

And I am now taking a government class. Not just any course, either, but a condensed course where you have to do everything four times as fast. I read the online syllabus this evening, and discovered that I will be taking tests pretty much every other week, as well as engaging in student forum conversations wherein I must not only have a political opinion, but track down various websites that agree with my personal stand point. I am to engage in meaningful political conversations, and I will be graded on said conversation.

Sometimes I try to convince people that Iím not a complete fucking moron. I think Iím going to stop that.


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