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Wasted Sunday by Ray Printer Friendly

So I decided that I was going to make a puppet. A marionette, to be more precise. I was trying to buy one, but I couldnít find anything cool, and I didnít have the patience to search the internet all day to find something that was really cool. Why this sudden inspiration/madness? I donít know. I saw this video the other day, and I guess that probably had something to do with it.

I had a marionette when I was a little kid. Someone brought it back from Mexico for me, and I instantly pictured all the cool shows that I was going to put on for my friends, family, neighbors, and maybe even the entire town. After fooling with the damn thing for about fifteen minutes, I got all the strings crossed and knotted so horribly that the marionette had to be euthanized.

I was thinking about it today and decided that I wanted to give it another try. Like I said, I couldnít really find a good place to buy one, so I decided that maybe I could find a place that would tell me how to make them. Sure enough, I did. I found all kinds of places that told you how to make puppets from scratch, like mixing plaster and shit, but that was more work than I was willing to put into it. The site that I ended up with has a stupid little scarecrow as an end product, but I figure I can figure out something better, but using the instructions as a basic guideline. Using a dish soap bottle as a body was genius, I thought.

I think Iím going to try to make a robot. Or maybe a sex offender. Because when you look at the marionettes they have online, it seems like most of them are closet sex offenders, anyways. Iím serious, dudeótheyíre creepy.

After I figure out how to use my puppets, maybe Iíll put on a little performance where a robot fights a sex offender.

Itís weird that Iíve decided to do this, what with me having about a billion other things that I should be taking care of, but whatever. I havenít actually started on it, anyway. Iím just sort of kicking the idea around in my head. I think it would be really handy to be able to work a marionette. Like if youíre standing there listening to a boring person talk to you, you just take the marionette out and have him start dancing. I feel that would really help to improve the situation.

Or if youíre at the bank, you put your puppet on the counter, and have it hold up the note about ďHand over all the money and no one gets hurt.Ē That way, the cops canít do shit to youóthey take the puppet to jail. I read it in a Batman comic.

Other than taking a walk with my princessóa walk that lasted about six hours, I think, through the enormous hills of Austinóthatís pretty much how I wasted my Sunday, was by looking at puppets.

It would be depressing if it wasnít so pathetic.


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