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Road Trip...Intro by Ray Printer Friendly

I have a story Iíve been meaning to tell you. Itís not a story entirely my own, but even the stories I make up donít really seem my own, so I guess it doesnít matter. Plus, I got clearance from most of the parties involvedóthe important ones, anyways.

Itís about a trip I once took. To say it was a trip based on heartbreak is entirely too dramatic, but thereís a bit of truth to it, all the same. I think thereís a level of life that can only be attained after trudging through a certain level of sadness or misery.

I think both of us had encountered a significant amount of sorrow and confusion, and we were ready to move on to our rewards. Him more than me, perhaps, or maybe he just doesnít need as much catalyst. Relationship problems for him, casual suicide for me, and so the trip was born.

Iím not sure if Iíll be telling you this story in any particular orderóas I type this, I have the first two installments already transcribed from the composition book full of notes that I took while on the trip, but that doesnít mean I wonít skip around a bit. And as for the endÖwell, the end isnít something I want to speculate about just now.

If the writing goes as planned, each segment will be a little story of its own, so thereís no need waiting around until I get the entire thing finished. Plus, Iím not sure if Iím going to number them. Aside from the beginning and the end, Iím not sure that it needs to be read in any particular order, and even those two might not be all that important.

The story is a true one, or as true as one manís experiences can be. I took notes while on my journey, and although Iíve been meaning to write this stuff down for years, Iím just now getting around to it. Iím glad about that, really, because Iím just now finding my real voice, and I would hate to have screwed this one up just because I was too eager to tell it.

Anyway, thatís the introólong-winded as usual, and Iím probably building it up entirely too much. But I felt like there needed to be a bit said before we jumped right on in, and now Iíve said it.

SoÖyou ready?


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