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I like shoes. Sneakers, mostly (I grew up calling then tennis shoes, for some reason, and calling them sneakers still feels really weird to me). Kicks, as theyíre called by people in the know. Sometimes, I enjoy a work boot of some sort. I donít wear cowboy boots on general principle, even though Trey swears by them. Also, I donít wear dress shoes. Iíve spent most of my life with low-wage jobs, and one of the main benefits is that I havenít had to wear dressy shoes in years. I always figured that I would have to wear what we always referred to as ďchurch shoesĒ two more times in my life: at my wedding, and at my funeral. Thanks to some strategic planning, Iíve managed to make it where I get to wear sneakers to my wedding. Because Iím that cool. One down, one to go. If I can figure out a way to die by getting my legs lopped off, Iím all set.

Iím an absolute fiend for kicks, though. If I had a never-ending supply of cash, I would have an entire house of various kinds of sneakers. No particular brand, no particular styleójust tons of sneakers. I knew a girl who bought Jordans all the time. She bought them just to have them, just for the style. Not because she actually really loved Jordansóit was a street-cred thing. I thought that was really dumb. I buy shoes based on what Iíll really enjoy wearing and looking at. And I love a new pair of shoes so much that it borders on unhealthy.

My point to all this is that I recently found this site that is pretty awesome if you like sneakers. I thought I was into shoes, but Iím a lightweight in comparison. I spent some time looking around the site, and found some shoes that I really need.

What amazed me was the odd creativity that goes into these shoes, that Iíve never heard about. For comic book nerds, you have The Fantastic Fourís Human Torch (two styles), Invisible Girl, The Thing, and Mr. Fantastic, as well as the Magneto shoes.

Thereís also the Mork shoe and the Pee Wee Herman. Or the Fanta shoes?

I said creativeónot always cool. Anyways, I donít know why I thought that was important to talk about, but I guess I did.

Entered By Jack Applegate From 17 Colby Dr
2007-01-18 08:40:50

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