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Title (because i couldn't think of anything else to name this) by Ray Printer Friendly

In an ideal world there would be something great to read every time you checked out The Strangelands. Also, I would be able to look at myself naked in the mirror without crying.

Judging by the tears running down my flab, this world is pretty much the exact opposite of ideal. So you might sometimes check in with us only to find that absolutely nothing has changed. If you’re borderline obsessed with this site, you might do it about one hundred thousand, two hundred and fifty-nine times a day. One hundred thousand, two hundred and sixty, now.

In case you’re wondering where would be a good place to look while you wait for something new to pop up around here, allow me recommend something:

The Vile Moods Of Sarah Sweeney. She’s in our “Links” section, and apparently, she’s friends with Trey. I don’t actually know the girl, but I read her shit when she gets around to posting it, and it actually makes me laugh most of the time that I do.

She recently posted this. I can’t really think of an Un-creepy way to say this, so I’m just going to spit it out: I think it made me love her a little bit.

I don’t know much about feelings, but I do know quite a bit about comic books, and I’ve been looking for a reason to buy these stamps since I found out they existed, and I’m anxiously awaiting the Marvel stamps. I have a roll of something like a billion stamps, all covered with boring pictures of jalapeño peppers and ears of corn and shit like that.

I’m seriously thinking of starting up a Strangelands newsletter of some sort, just so I can use the stamps up and get some new ones. The newsletter would suck, of course—probably it would consist mostly of pictures of me giving a “thumbs-up” sign while I pee off my balcony—but you wouldn’t believe how many people would subscribe.

And by “subscribe,” I mean, “I’ll just pick random addresses out of the telephone book and send them obscene pictures of myself.”

Anyways, these stamps rock, Sarah Sweeney rocks, and I’m pretty sure that…um...mailing letters…rocks?

Yeah. I’m going to bed.

Entered By Sas From Cesspool of Manhattan
2006-10-10 03:54:25

I type pretty hot, don't I??

Entered By Ray From Austin
2007-08-26 23:45:01

I've heard they call you Fire Fingers. I can only assume it's because of your hot typing skills.

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