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The Riddle by Ray Printer Friendly

I was talking to Rik on the phone, about riddles. I made one up. Here it goes:

Hit me, I’ll say what you want;

Turn me, I’ll start what you want;

I’ll tell you where to go,

And when you figure it out, you’ve got me.

She said I should post it. I believed her.

She’s been known to be quite the liar, so…you know—blame her. Answer in the comments, or don't. I'll tell you the answer at the end of the month, unless someone gets it first. To me, it seems really easy, but I made the shit up, so whatever. I suck at riddles.

Entered By Rik From Unknown
2006-11-02 19:53:10

Is it a key?

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2006-11-06 15:28:43

it's definitely a fucking key. c'mon ray... you're more clever than that. give me a fucking break.

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