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Mixed News by Ray Printer Friendly

The Strangelands is telling me that itís a new month, and who am I to disagree? Nobody, thatís who. I donít mind it being a new month, to tell you the truth. October. Halloween. When itís perfectly acceptable to scare the shit out of little kids and vandalize the world.

This will be the first Halloween since my first nephew was born that I wonít be returning to my hometown for some trick-or-treating. Iím kind of sad about it, even though Iíll be seeing him a couple weeks after that when I get married. Itís just not the same, you know?

Last year, I went as a pirate, and I forgot to get the appropriate crotch-shield to protect the outside world from my awesome genitalia when I donned the super-tight pants. My bad, world.

I donít know what Iím doing this year. Considering itís me, probably nothing. But Iím thinking of going out on the town, seeing whatís upólike I said, it will be the first time in years that Iím not dragging a kid all over the dark streets, helping him beg for candy. It might be kind of nice to see what kind of shenanigans grown-ups get up to.

Of course, Iím getting way ahead of myself, hereóthatís at the very end of the month, and this is the very first.

I sort of have mixed feelings about the rest of the month. I have tons of friends and family with birthdays this monthótheir parents were either really bored from being cooped up all winter and ready to do some conceiving, or maybe itís just because of Valentineís day, I donít know. So I have to remember an ass-load of birthdays, which is annoying, because remembering shit really isnít my gig.

On the other hand, October is generally when fall quits dicking around and steps up to the plate. The leaves start turning, the weather cools down, and if youíre a little kid walking home by yourself in the coming-earlier night, you find it much easier to believe in ghosts and goblins and whatever other monsters youíve been thinking about since you started shopping for a costume.

And of course, this is the time-change month, which makes it damn near the best month of the year. Death to daylight savings time!

There are so many things to celebrate, now that I think about it. I was a fool to be indifferent at the beginning of this post.

Rejoice in October, my friends, for it is good!


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