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Garbage by Ray Printer Friendly

My desk is a mess. I mean, thereís crap stacked all over it: pencils, pens, books, lava lamps, candles, more pens, shot glasses, Visine bottles. Tape, a glowing pirate skull that I pulled from a box of cereal. Scraps of paper with random bits of writing waiting to be transcribed or thrown away. An expired insurance card, I donít even know what thatís doing out of my car.

Too much, too cramped, it pisses me off any time I sit down at my desk. Iím planning on cleaning it tomorrow, but the big problem is, the shit on my desk is there because thereís no other good place to put it. I may have to throw some stuff away. I always hate that, but sometimes it just has to be done.

You wouldnít believe how many Post-It notes there are. And pieces of legal paper. Just random bits of words written on them, shit I think up and plan on writing into a story or something. Shit that will probably end up in some weird document with all the other stuff I thought would be good in a story at some point. A poem of forgotten witticisms.

I thought I might have found a solution to all the scraps. I was messing around with StumbleUpon.com, and found this. Basically, you just make yourself a little notebook out of a piece of paper. Probably not worth the trouble of making it, but I figured it would be much better than having a zillion sticky notes floating all over the place. Instead, I now have these little notebooks all over the place. They fill up rather quickly, especially if youíre as long-winded as I am. (latest addition below)

So this stumbleupon.comógood stuff. I heard about it a long time ago, but never really messed around with it. Now I feel like an ass, because Iím pretty sure Iím like the last person on earth that hasnít already used this so much that theyíre sick of it.

One of the first sites that popped up was Pandora internet radio, which is also very cool. Again, I think that I totally missed the boat with this, because everyone else found out about it about two hundred years ago. In case youíre even slower than me: you type in a song or artist that you like. Then it comes up with a playlist that it thinks youíll like. You tell it what you like and what you donít, and it continues to customize a playlist for you.

So thatís it for this postójust a whole bunch of bitching about my dirty desk, and some links to other websites. Oh, and my trash:


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