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Cut/Paste...1 by Ray Printer Friendly

Drunk fun for the night: cutting and pasting words from the last email I received, in no particular order. I cheated twice by seeking out a verb—used the first verb I came across, though—and once by using “feel it” three times. Otherwise, I was just cutting and pasting with reckless abandonment.



will be



telling people

i like

“i will drink it.”

you aren't

sunflower business.

sparkling white


i thought of you today.

my business

will knock you down.

i like to feel it.

you aren't the stuff

but i will be curious.

Feel it

Feel it

Feel it

Wanting her.

telling people

he likes

once before,

sit in a rolling chair.


I was pretty deep into my cups when I wrote this “poem,” so after reading through it and seeing how it sort of makes sense—as far as the English language is concerned, anyway—I’m going to have to object to my earlier statement that this was all random. I must have been paying some sort of attention without knowing it, because I refuse to believe it would work out that well without paying any attention.


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