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I was planning on posting something tonight, but the muse is obviously someplace else.

Instead I made a couple site updates.

The biggest change is the appearance of those 'Comments' indicators. Now if a story has comments attached to it, a little yellowish blurb will indicate just how many comments are attached.

There are also a few minor changes.

The layout of the galleries is slightly different. You'll probably never notice.

The same story icons from the front page now show up on a story so you can tell what section it belongs to. No big thing. I just thought it would be nice.

The final update is a change to the 'login' link. I stopped paying attention to site statistics a long time ago, but Ray still keeps up with those things. Apparently we're getting a couple hundred hits a week. No landslide, but certainly enough to make me uncomfortable posting naked pictures of myself or anything. Our readers are global. We have a few regulars in Europe and a smattering of hits from other more exotic locals. Ray mentioned that he wished we had more authors. I concur. In order to hopefully attract some new blood, the 'login' link now says 'SignUp/Login', which is more accurate.

To any of you readers out there who feel like throwing your ramblings up on the site, it works like this:

You click on the 'SignUp' link.

You fill out the little form. Most of the form doesn't matter. You can use whatever name you want.

You get stupid drunk.

You post whatever you feel like.

Easy nuff?

The subheadings break down like this:

The News generally concerns current events. I also use it for stuff like this.

2 Heart Beats is for the continuing, open to anyone, communal short story "2 Heart Beats from Falling in Love".

Poet's Corner is for poetry.

Portly Boy is for the continuing saga of Portly Boy. I think it's up to episode 65 or so.

Short Stories is self explanatory.

The Rants, see above.

The Rent is for complaints/concerns/issues with money and/or jobs.

Whiskey Pages is for drunken ramblings. As you can imagine, it's quite popular.

White Men Can't Dance is for stories of club/bar hopping. It's a barren place. Apparently, we don't know many club kids.

The Police Blotter is for run ins with the law.

If you want to get in touch with us, click the contact link.

The list of Authors to the left is everyone who has ever posted a story to the site. It is listed in order of total postings. Ray is comfortably at the top.

Sign up. Post away. I imagine Ray's typing fingers need the break.

Thanks for hanging with us here at The Strangelands.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-09-14 20:50:01

I like that you made it mandatory that in order to post, you have to get stupid drunk. That makes my behavior much more acceptable. Just doing my part to follow the rules. By the way, I think your muse might have been at my place—I couldn’t write my way out of a paper bag last night, and when I woke up, there was popcorn and muse vomit all over the kitchen.

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