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Why Not to Get Shit-Faced at a Work Happy Hour… by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

I have been working, since about last year, at this book publishing company. The company is great, laid back atmosphere, fun people and lots of perks! One of them are the happy hours that are paid for by the company.

About a month ago a happy hour was planned for all the Dallas employees and the sales trainees that flew in from all over the country. We were a group of about 20 people, I think.

The lushes got there promptly and ordered frozen margaritas while waiting for the rest of the crew to roll in and the owner. When the owner arrived he decided that we need to all be seated and if you wanted to order dinner you can.

The chips and salsa arrived and I was halfway done with my margarita. A little later, the guacamole arrived and decided that I need another drink since I noticed that the waiter and the fact we were so many people that the service was a bit slow. So this time I had switched to “on the rocks.” At that time I was thinking I can drink it faster and not get a brain freeze. Halfway done with my margarita and mingling with my co workers and the new trainees the boss stands up from the other end of the table and decided we all need to switch seats to get to know the others. I hop on over to the other end of the table and sit down in front of this southern woman who likes to talk and this other woman to my right that I can’t remember anything about.. What a time to get another drink “on the rocks” of course. We were chatting about this and that when 6:30 rolled around and some of the husbands/boyfriends showed up to join us.

The boss wants to play musical chairs again and ends up next to me. All I remember from this point is that I think I had another drink and me yelling out “ASK ME ANYTHING AND I’LL ANSWER!” Oooops, bad idea I was thinking on the inside.

About 7, my Ranran wanted to leave to go eat dinner and probably get me out of there before anything happens. So we head over to some greasy seafood place and me eating an oyster po boy. I remember that I was absolutely smashed, couldn’t walk straight and talk non sense not very clearly.

Got home, threw up and passed out.

Next morning when I was awakened at 6:30 am I felt like I went through the ringer twice. I had a headache, stomach ache, cold sweats and nausea. Ranran took me back to my car and I almost drove to work when my cold sweats got worse and my nausea even more worse from being a moving vehicle. So I drove back home and to the bathroom I went, and this time I didn’t throw up it came out the other end. Then I jumped into bed and called work and told them I was sick and couldn’t come in today!

The next day, everyone knew I had a hangover even though I played it off as I ate oysters and I got sick.

A new rule was set, that if you miss work after a happy hour that you can’t attend the next one.


Entered By Trey From NYC
2006-09-11 17:55:28

I've always found drinking with the boss to be slightly uncomfortable. Happy Hour is the devil and Margaritas are his minions.

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