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What Happens When You Turn 30... by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

The day after I turned 30 I got sick and bruised my leg. Is this going to be the rest of my life? Getting sick and bruising my leg due to being doped on Nyquil that I couldn’t move my leg fast enough out of the way before ramming into the corner of my desk at home.

So far this year didn’t exactly turn out like people say. “Thirty is great!” and “My life started at 30.” WHATEVER! I say.

I still go to bed with pimple cream. I still like mac and cheese and I absolutely whine and pout if I don’t like something. Maybe not as obvious but I still do and enjoy it!

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-09-07 21:23:37

I've always heard that when you turn thirty, your body begins falling apart. Good luck with all that.

Entered By Trey From NYC
2006-09-07 21:59:50

Is 'Whining and pouting' simply the female version of 'Bitching and Moaning'? If so, I consider it a sport.

Entered By Emily From Dallas
2006-09-07 23:48:46

I don't bitch and moan, maybe when I hit 40 I'll ease into all that. But for now whining and pouting at some things works for me :)

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