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Stuff You Should See by Ray Printer Friendly

I think that the internet is mostly just filled with crap. I mean, you have this medium that allows pretty much anyone with a computer and the ability to turn it on (or to ask someone how to turn it on for them) to post whatever random junk is floating through what passes through their mind at any given moment. You canít give free access like that and not expect a bunch of brain litter.

But thereís treasure as well as trash, and thatís what I would like to tell you about right now. This teaser for the new ninja turtles movie has been floating around for a while, but Iíve talked to a surprising amount of people that still havenít seen it. I was a big fan of the turtles back in the day. I thought Shredder was one of the coolest bad guys since Skeletor, and the toy line was awesome.

Iím not saying that Hollywood canít totally screw this up (I remember waiting in lines at the theater for forty-five minutes for the second TMNT only to be completely disappointed), but the trailer looks pretty cool. You should go look, if you havenít already.

Thereís a cartoon called Venture Brothers on Cartoon Networkís Adult Swim. I hadnít heard about it until just recently, and when I did, I was angry at everyone who hadnít told me about it. I would try to pimp it, but I know that I couldnít do it justice, so Iím just going to tell you that itís probably one of the funniest things youíll ever see in your entire life, and if you miss out on your chance to witness it, the part of your soul that is in charge of laughter will hold a grudge forever. So just go check it out.

In case you canít figure out how Swim Fix works, you click on the logo on the right side to view a cartoon. Thereís a little spot under the ďThis Weekís LineupĒ thing, you want to click on the ďnextĒ in order to get the full season of Venture Bros goodness. I donít mean to imply that none of you are smart enough to figure this out on your own, but it would be a real shame to miss out.

Also, the lineup changes, so hurry up. Iím not positive, but I think they might even be changing it this weekend. If youíre reading this late, still go check it outóIíve heard that they throw the Ventures in the lineup quite regularly. Plus, they have loads of other great stuff. A couple of my personal favorites are Home Movies (which is also playing right now) and The Brak Show. Iíve heard that lots of people really love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but Iíve always thought it was stupid.

Of course, thereís all kinds of other great stuff out there, but I donít want to overload you. You have a lot of cartoons you should be watching. So get to it.

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