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All About September by Ray Printer Friendly

All right, so we all made it to September. Way to go, team. For some reason I always associate September with going back to school, but Iím pretty sure that since Iíve been going to school, itís been starting in August. I donít know for sure.

I always associate it with the beginning of fall, and with football games, and with kissing. See, because when school started back up, you would go to football games, you would see girls that you hadnít seen all summer, and you would try to kiss them.

If you were me, you did this pretty unsuccessfully until you got into high school, lost some weight, and learned about ďbad boyĒ syndrome.

But we arenít here to talk about making out after football games or the best ways to get chicks to fall in love with you. Weíre here to usher in a new month, to tear away another page of the calendar, and to step into the future together. Because thatís really what a new page is here at The Strangelands, is a step into the future.

Itís like us catching up with out future selves and finding out what theyíre about to get up to. Itís like a time machine that only sends you forward, and you canít turn it off, and itís really, really slow.

What the hell am I talking about?

Welcome to September, Strangelandersóglad you could drop by.

p.s. This monthís tagline was about half a drink away from being ďRougher Than A Handjob From A Drunk Girl With Sandpaper Gloves.Ē I didnít want to alienate my homosexual readers, though, because Iím sensitive like that.

Entered By Dave Riley From Unknown
2006-09-02 05:15:38

I personally would have gone with the " . . handjob . . ." tagline, and humorless nancies be damned. Always trust liquor.

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