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Broken Train Of Thought by Ray Printer Friendly

School officially starts tomorrowóat least it does where my princess teaches. Itís weird how after all these years, Iím once again concerned when school starts. Means I have to get up early, which means that I should go to bed early. I wonít, which means that tomorrowís gonna be another rat bastard day where I have to pull myself out of bed while my body revolts against me, and while my brain cries its pathetic little baby-lamb cry, begging for more sleep.

You wouldnít believe how many body parts I hit against the counter top in the mornings. On the counter, on the doorways, on the refrigerator, whatever. If it has a solid corner, chances are Iíll be ramming into it. My fingers and elbows seem to take most of the abuse. Apparently I have no depth perception first thing in the morning, and I canít seem to keep my arms by my side. I donít know.

Itís not like I run around flapping my elbows like a chicken or anythingóitís just that they swing out there at the exact improper time. Now that Iíve mentioned it, though, that whole running-around-flapping-my-arms-like-a-chicken seems like a pretty good idea. What a way to start the day.

I hate waking up early, but the fact that school is starting doesnít really matter much in that aspect. Iíve been getting up early to go accept deliveries quite a bit, anyways, so itís not like Iíve been sleeping in.

In fact, I was up dark and early this morning, trying to get my shit together enough to make it to my job. About halfway there, I realized that I had forgotten my coffee, which I guess means I failed at getting my shit together.

Iíll eventually adapt to this early-waking thing so that I can do more than just stand and stare at the carpet for the first ten minutes Iím awake, but Iíll never really enjoy it, you know?

After Iíve been awake for a while, however, I do find it kind of pleasant. I like being awake before most of the rest of the world. I like looking out the window and seeing darkness instead of a glaring sun. Itís still too damn hot, but you donít generally equate the moon with heatstroke.

I donít know where I was going with any of that.

I downloaded some music today. Itís sick how much music I download and then forget about. If you can keep track of your stuff, congratulations. I usually forget what Iím downloading halfway through the download. This wouldnít be so bad, except I donít really have a decent system for filing it. I try to keep it segregated by genre, but that doesnít always workósometimes Iíll consider something one kind of music, but then when I look for it, I consider it something else. Fatboy Slimórap or dance or pop?

What about when you have Run DMC doing a Steve Miller song?

Uhg. I just bought a shitpile of CDs from Amazon, too. Just a second ago. It started out, I just wanted to see who sang a particular song from a soundtrack, and then I saw that they were selling it for only a quarter. And then when I added it to my basket, I saw that they had other selections that I might enjoy, and they were only a quarter. I just dropped almost twenty bucks.

This is the problem with the internetóyou can still shop when youíve had entirely too much to drink. One time, I woke up and realized that I bought Pac-man Fever. They cancelled my order because it was out of stock or something, and sent me a refund. When I got it, I wasnít sure if I should be happy or sad.

So Iím going to bed now, I think. When youíve reached the point that youíre contemplating buying C&C Music Factory, I think itís time to call it a night.

ĎNight, liíl homies.

Entered By Trey From NYC
2006-08-15 18:05:35

Fatboy Slim, dance. Run DMC doing Steve Miller, if you just won't throw it away, Rap.

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