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Stand up comedy by Carey Printer Friendly

OK, here I go posting a rant in a drunken oblivion. Stand up comedy is the subject and the bone of contention. Just rented a few stand up comedy dvds from the infamous conglomerate known as Blockbuster.

Very dissappointed in the new Margaret Cho Revolution DVD. I expected a bunch of lesbian, gay sort of comedy that infused the previous DVD but to no availe. I can understand the urge to be politically active and express the bone of contention you may have with the incumbent political party and express these rants in a public forum. But, for god sakes it doesn't bode well in a DVD that is listed under the genre of comedy. Great DVD if you are pissed with the world that we are living in. But, a paltry comparison to a Robin Williams or Richard Pryer follow up.

I am talking about touting a DVD as comedy when it really is not. Not that I am harshing Margaret Cho. I think she's awesome, but I don't think that her recent contribution can be considered under the realm of comedy.

If I wanted to debate the state of the world or the poor state of the administration that is in power I would probably prefer to watch a BBC commentary. I walked around the mega vidoe store as most do in a complete state of oblivion and just choose the titles that grabbed me. I highly do not recommend the Margaret Cho video if you are in the mood for a bit of mindless comedy. It played more like a left-wing orgy that could be appreciated by the discontented liberals. Don't get me wrong, I am not in favor of the current political administration and I a not afraid to express it. But for crying out loud let's get real folks. If you're going to tout a DVD as stand up comedy then at least present a little of that. I am a bit disappointed and jaded. I guess it's high time I start looking at the romantic comedies. See you in the comedic section!


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