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More Free Music by Ray Printer Friendly

So I was messing around on the internet last night, not really looking for anything in particular, and I stumbled across this one. Iíve been looking it over this morning, and although I havenít spent loads of time on there yet, I probably will. Basically, itís tons of music. Maybe this is old news, and maybe already knows about this place, but it was new to me, and I always get excited when thereís free music to be had. Especially when itís legal, which this is.

In case you havenít already clicked on the link above and abandoned this post completely, let me tell you a little more. They have all kinds of music, and they have it broken down into genre and, in most cases, into sub-genre.

Keep in mind, these arenít generally big-name artists. From what Iíve seen so far, this website is all about enabling people to get their music out there, and about getting new music to you. Granted, not all of this stuff is going to be your cup of tea, but I highly recommend looking around a bit. Iíve found all kinds of cool stuff, and I havenít even spent much time there.

And I know that this doesnít really count as music (so donít be dissuaded by this track and neglect to look around the site), but I really liked this one.


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