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A Bit About Writing by Ray Printer Friendly

I was writing on a legal pad this evening, and I found it rather pleasant. The page I was writing on was a little wrinkled, so as I wrote, I could feel it flattening out beneath my hand. The music playing was really fast, and I was kind of writing in tempo. It felt like a very important moment, even though the only thing I was doing was scribbling down some notes that will more than likely be in the trash by the end of the week. But thereís just something about writing, you know? Actually writing.

Donít get me wrongóI really love the sound of the keyboard keys when youíre hammering along, a story burning in your mind and out onto the monitor. I love seeing the words appear as fast as I can move my fingers, and I love when the cursor flows across the screen, drops to the next line, and continues across without a pause. I like to think that someday my cursorís just going to stop, bend over with its hand on its kness, and puke. ďOkay, man, I got it, okay? You type fast when you have an idea. But let me rest for a second, okay?Ē

Iím actually not so great at typing, but when I know what Iím going for, when the idea is so clear that I donít even have to think about the next word, I can get some words down pretty quick.

But thereís just something amazing about the feel of pen on paper. That little scratching feel as you write, the way the trail of ink looks as you drag the pen across the paper, and of course, the way the page looks when youíre finished. I love the look of a page full of words.

And those legal pads, you know with the yellow paper? Those things look awesome when theyíre covered in writing (even cooler if theyíre covered in plans for a bank heist, or maybe some scientific formula, but thatís beside the point).

Itís one of those few moments in life where shit just makes sense. You have a piece of paper, it has words all over it. Thatís what the paper was made for, you know? It is serving its purpose, and I am serving my purpose by putting those words there. And the words, theyíre serving their purpose, too, I suppose, by being there. Itís a very good moment.

Of course, Iím sure that not everyone would agree with me. Some college kid filling page after page of notes because his laptop is broken, Iím guessing he probably wouldnít see the magic of the moment.

So maybe that moment is only perfect when itís voluntary, I donít know. Iím not here to defend my babblings, just to dump them out. Incidentally, that fast song is on again (Jin Go Lo Ba by Fatboy Slim), and Iím typing along pretty quickly, even though I donít really know what Iím going to be saying next.

Itís like my fingers are dancing, and to tell you the truth, Iím having a good time just watching them. I wonder what theyíre thinking down there?

Probably something like, ďMan, this is a pretty good song,Ē I bet. Thatís what I would be thinking if I was them.



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