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I Used To Know Things... by Ray Printer Friendly

For some reason, I thought I had a post for you tonight. I donít know if it was only a wonderful dream or what, but I just went to pull up a pre-recorded post, and there was nothing there.

So apparently Iím dreaming about writing shit for this site now, which is disturbing in ways that Iím not ready to admit just yet.

The bad news is, I donít have anything prepared, so what youíre getting tonight is just off-the-top-of-my-head nonsense that comes from having been awake entirely too long and having had entirely too much to drink. The good news is, thatís usually how I write anyways, so itís not like itís going to be any different.

Also good news: Iím not sick anymore, so you arenít going to be stuck with another post about how I feel like shit. And because I feel like being exceptionally kind, I wonít even write about food this time.

Instead, and just to keep it random, hereís a site you can go to if you would like to download some music or cartoons or e-books.

One song I totally recommend is this one.

Maybe itís because Iím feeling a little slow, or maybe itís because itís an awesome song. I donít know.

And not knowing is half the battleÖ


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