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Early Morning Pontificating by Ray Printer Friendly

I was up at four this morning, on my way to the airport forty-five minutes later. My princess is currently on her way to NYCógoing back for a family emergency instead of an enjoyable family visit as we had planned at the beginning of the summer.

We spent Sunday evening cooking all kinds of food that was going to last us the week. Probably about half of it will spoil now. I see a refrigerator full of plastic containers, and I think about how fast life can change.

You think youíll be eating roast beef tomorrow, and instead youíre on a plane, one stop in Memphis then on to LaGuardia. So abrupt itís chilling, and more thought-provoking than I like at six in the morning.

But here I am, noticing the light in my apartment change as the sun lifts itself into the sky, drinking my fifth cup of coffee, and thinking about how sudden life can be. You plod along in your life, go to your job day after day, same routine as always, and then BAM!

So much that is unforeseen, and thereís no way to prepare for some of this shit, you know? Not without wasting the short amount of time weíre given, I donít think. Because if youíre constantly preparing for the worst, you generally tend to miss the best.

Screw it. Iím probably just being over-dramatic and too philosophicóitís too early for thinking, and Iíve had entirely too much caffeine.

One thing Iím reminded of, though, is something Trey told me late one night, over way too may drinks. ďThe amazing thing about life isnít that so many people have bad shit happen to them. The truly amazing thing is that more people donít

For some reason, I find comfort in those words, but I couldnít tell you for sure why. Maybe because after thinking it over a bit, I realize that even though Iíve had some hard times in my life, Iím still pretty lucky.

Later, kids.


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